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Stephanie & Aaron

December 22, 2013

Stepanie&Aaron-103Aaron and I both work for the same company, who was hosting a Chamber of Commerce After Hours Event at the Cumberland 12 Theater in Plattsburgh on January 19th, 2012. We had decided to stay after the close of the event to watch a movie-a “date night” if you will. ”

The event was to begin at 5:30, and Aaron was there with plenty of time to spare. I, however, working in South Burlington in the dead of winter was running late. The roads were bad, work was hectic, and I wanted nothing more than to just go home and relax. My frustration level grew higher the more I drove, realizing how late I was in fact going to be for an event that we were hosting. The last thing I wanted to do was put on a fake smile for the night and work some more!

About half way to my destination, I pulled over, and send a text message to my then boyfriend telling him I wasn’t going to make it to the theater that night. I would be over 45 minutes late and we could see a movie some other time.

Stepanie&Aaron-132Looking back now I understand why he was so adamant about me being at the Cumberland 12 theater that night. Aaron told me he would pick me up at the ferry (as I was already seconds away from the ferry on the VT side) in NY, he would have a glass of wine ready for me, and to please come over as our personal friend, Craig Cathers, manager of Cumberland 12 was expecting us!

I reluctantly agreed.

I exited the ferry on the NY side and nobody was there for me. I waited and waited, and waited some more. Gave up, and started walking, in the dead of winter, in high heel boots. My frustration grew to a new high! Given the patchy cell phone service, Aaron wasn’t able to get a hold of me to tell me that he would be on his way, but a couple minutes late given a technical glitch at our event.

On my walk…about 5 minutes into it…there comes Aaron, screaming around the corner in his vehicle, heat cranked with a very confused look on his face as to why I had decided to start walking and not wait in the heated waiting area. I didn’t have an answer.

Stepanie&Aaron-124Our event went off without a hitch at that point, and we were finally able to relax in the theater with a good movie for the night. I didn’t think it was too odd that we were the only two in the theater…it was after all it was a later showing, and the movie had been in theaters for some time now. I had imagined most people who wanted to see it already had.

The lights went down, but instead of opening scenes, I heard my favorite musician (Yanni) sweep through the sound system, shortly followed by pictures of Aaron and I on the big screen of the theater throughout our two years of dating. Aaron had put together a video for the theater to play for us. Pictures, memories, quotes, things we love, things we’ve dreamed of…..I was in tears…this is why he was so adamant about be being at the theater on this winter night! The final scene in his movie was writing. It said “Are you ready to make all of our dreams come true? I love you. Will you marry me?” He got down on one knee, opened a case that held a gorgeous engagement ring and asked if I would be his wife.

After a rough day, that was the only thing that mattered. I squeaked out a “yes!” put the┬áring right on…..and low and behold the movie started right up!

I can’t say I remember any of the movie. I was too busy sharing with family and friends that Aaron had proposed…but we stayed throughout the movie, anyway.

We were married the following December 22 at the Middlebury Inn! Special thanks to Jacob Hannah, Hannah Weddings for the amazing job with our photos!

Story told to us by Stephanie Patno-Tourville. Stephanie and Aaron reside very happily in W. Chazy, New York with their rescued pup, Douglas!